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Ben Bumblefoot

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Ben Bumblefoot

Ben Bumblefoot

« Ben has been called Bumblefoot for as long as he can remember. It’s not a name he plans to keep. His dearest wish is to become one of the brave knight protectors of Castle Crag. When Princess Moonglow is diagnosed with the contagious fox splots as the royal party is about to set out for the Tenth All-Kingdom Games, Ben spots his chance to prove himself.
Can he save the kingdom and his best friend, or will it be just another bumblefoot distaster? »

Texte : Teena Raffa-Mulligan -
Illustrations : Steeven Labeau -
Éditeur : Xist Publishing -

Date de parution : 26 Septembre 2016
Langue : Anglais

Dimensions : 12,7 cm x 0,4 cm x 20,3 cm
Format : broché
Pages : 74

ISBN-10 : 1681958600
ISBN-13 / EAN-13 : 9781681958606

Prix de vente : 7,52€

Steeven Labeau
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Ben Bumblefoot

Autour du livre jeunesse :: Romans jeunesse :: Ben Bumblefoot

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